Did you ever had that feeling that someone told you a story, you both went your own way, but this story kept haunting you? Well this is something that actually happened to me. And now I will tell it to you: it’s the story of OZB Magazine.

By Marcel de Roode

The first thing I did when I moved to Romania was meeting new people, most of the time being introduced by mutual acquaintances. It’s very good to see what’s happening in town and what people are doing, it’s called networking these days.

So one day, I got a telephone call from a fellow Dutchman saying „there is this very nice Scottish guy who wants to start up a new magazine, maybe you can collaborate on that with him because of your marketing and sales experience”. To be honest, in the meantime I had already heard a lot of stories about the magazine and newspapers market in Romania, and they were not only success stories, so I had my doubts about these kind of projects. But listening to people what they have to say for me is always an option, so I went.

We met at Doncafe in Dorobanti, which is a kind of a hotspot for everyone who wants to be seen, I was told. Nevertheless it was a nice atmosphere.

We met and talked about the possibilities and problems you face when trying to start a project like that. The idea was to set up a new expat magazine, high quality, good journalism, interesting topics. He already had some people backing him up for content, highly regarded and appreciated people from BBC, CNN, New York Times , The Guardian, this was an impressive list. Also impressive was his experience as a journalist for Asia Life and other similar magazines for expats in Asia. I have to say if something could work, it would be this. I told him that I would think it over, and I would get back at him. At the same time I was already involved in another project, that could have caused a conflict of interest with this project, so I had to say NO to this expat magazine.We agreed to stay in touch.

But after this meeting this idea of a new quality, interesting magazine for expats, and the challenge didn’t leave my mind. Actually with every whiskey I took this idea crossed my mind, over and over again. What was the reason for that? When is a story and an idea good? It was all because of the passionate way this story was told to me…or maybe because of the magazines that he always carries with him. He really liked media and magazines and writing. For me this is one of the most important things in life, being passionate in everything you do, if there is no passion for the business you’re doing, the reward at the end (money or more money) won’t be there.

A long story short, a few weeks ago I got in touch with him saying, let’s go for the magazine. We both agreed on that. We both share the same passion for magazines and creating something out of nothing. Next month (June 2017) the first issue of our free monthly lifestyle magazine will be on the market. There will be a launching event as well, we’re now busy with all the arrangements. Not an easy job, but not an impossible one. It’s not going to be just a magazine, but a platform for the expat community in Bucharest…and for everyone with an expat state of mind :).

This is what happens if you’re passionate about the things you do. You have success sooner or later. Big time success.

By the way, the name of the magazine will be OZB (O zi buna!) and that Scottish guy is Douglas Williams. I would say let’s drink a good whiskey on that, and maybe we see you at our event.